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Founded in 1993, TUMCA is the nation's largest moot court association, and holds the Southwestern Regional Championships from which teams qualify to compete in the national moot court championship tournament (ACMA).

Moot court is a competition in which undergraduates engage in simulated legal argument before a hypothetical appellate court reviewing a fictitious case. Students draw on a limited number of actual appellate court decisions to support their arguments. As the undergraduate moot court handbook, How to Please the Court , notes "In moot court, there is no trial. . . In a moot court, someone or something is protesting the validity of a trial court decision."

Students participating in moot court competition learn to argue about and interpret the law. TUMCA's goal is to provide opportunities for undergraduates to test their research skills, knowledge of the law and forensic abilities in a competitive environment.

Moot court provides perhaps our best pedagogical tool in preparing undergraduates for law school, graduate school, or the many career opportunities offered by governments and interest groups.

Enjoy getting to know undergraduate moot court through our web site!

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If you are a judge
, you can download our case problem and find out the criteria we use to evaluate teams fairly and effectively.

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If you are a student
, you can read up on TUMCA rules and how judges will evaluate you, download our current case problem, interact with students on other teams, and view results from previous competitions and years.

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Coaches and student representatives
can learn how to start a moot court team at your university, register your team for our next competition, and email other coaches and TUMCA Board members.

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Parents, Administrators and the Media
Parents, university administrators, or members of the media
, we have answers to questions about TUMCA and moot court competitions.

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